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Top Tiny Home Communities In Kentucky

By taufiqhaque

In the USA, a large majority of people surveyed confirmed that they would be keen on living in a tiny home community. With decreased expenses and a chance to practice the responsibility of green living, tiny home communities in Kentucky have been on the rise. 

More than anything, tiny home communities in the region have given shelter and solace to thousands of homeless veterans. Kentucky has also been home to the first, more innovative tiny home village, the idea of which has been well received all over the country. Below we have listed the top tiny home communities.  

Tiny Home Community in Shelbyville, KY: 

Most tiny home communities in Shelbyville are home to numerous retired and veteran servicemen and women. The community is well maintained and disciplined and aims to offer solace and confidence to these veterans. 

Many live for a short time until they are confident enough to start living independently. In Shelbyville, tiny home communities for older people also encourage veterans from all over the city to join in and participate in transitional programs. 

With six tiny homes built around close distance, Shelbyville has housed the country’s first veteran’s tiny community village. 

Tiny home community in London, KY: 

Kentucky and a particular tiny home community have been in the news as an almost viral sensation. A family of four built what they call a tiny home village where each member, including the children, had a tiny home of their own. 

These villages are different from other communities since the acre of land only consists of 2 to 5 tiny homes, each owned by members of the same family. As described by residents of a tiny home village, it is as if living in a big home with a lawn to cross every time you want to visit another room.

Tiny Home Community in Lancaster, KY:

If you are looking for a THOW community in Kentucky, you might want to look into Lancaster. Situated right at the center of Kentucky, a tiny home community on wheels exists where you would find a friendly group of people living in micro homes. 

Here you may find mostly single-person homes, where the community allows members after a background check and lease agreement. Although campers are yet to be officially allowed, you might notice a few RVs here and there. The 40 by 60 feet area has been constantly priced at 450 dollars for the past year. 

Tiny Home Community in Louisville, KY:

The sufferings of Louisville homeless veterans post-pandemic calls for several tiny home communities in Kentucky. 

However, The Veteran’s Club of Louisville has faced several struggles to get the project on foot. A special community, Camp Restoration plans to build a community of tiny homes consisting of 25 houses where the homeless can reside. 


The success of Tiny Home Communities in Kentucky has encouraged more builders to create small communities and villages around the region. 

Places like London, Kentucky, have some of the cheapest rates for tiny homes and encourage the building of more tiny home communities. 

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