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Water Heater Timer – A Time Saver

By taufiqhaque

A water heater timer is just a switching device that attaches to your existing water heater and lets you program at a specified time. You might be wondering if this smart function is necessary for your hot water system. There is quite a range of water heater timers here on the markets. Depending on your residence, each one offers huge savings as well as several other benefits.

How does a water heater timer work?

A water heater timer is a gadget that allows you to program your hot water system to turn on and off at certain times. Set a timer should you expect you’ll get home by 6 p.m. then, the device will respond accordingly. This lowers your electricity bill and saves your money.

Both electric and gas water heaters can be equipped with timers. Even though they demand different connections, the basic concept of switching your device on or off automatically will be the same.

Cost of a water heater :

There are many different types of water timers available on the market, depending on their intended use. Water timers range in price from $35 to $100. If you have extra cash and a pressing need, you can go for a higher price range. You can find water heater timers for as much as $600. 

Will a water heater timer save you money?

You can save a lot of cash with a water heater timer. It is determined by the water heater’s typical operating costs, the kind of water heater and energy used, and your hot water usage.

Water heater timers were discovered to save almost twenty-five percent on annual water heating bills. Based on the water heater duration and energy type, several water heater timers may allow you to save much more, so it’s crucial to check with a certified plumber to estimate the cost benefits for your home. It could be cost-effective.

Installation guide:

On a gas or electric water heater, you can set your customized timer. Because electrical water heaters are the most prevalent, have a peek at the procedures to set up a box timer on one:

Before you start the installation process, you need the equipment and supplies mentioned below:

  • Tester for circuits
  • Plier with a slip-joint connection
  • Screwdriver
  • Cutter of wires
  • Stripper for wires
  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Timer for the water heater
  • Preparation work:

Disconnect the finishers on the case of the box timer that you purchased from the packaging. The cabling can enter and leave the box timer through these holes.

  • Make sure the power is turned off:

To access the electrical connections, detach the entry cover just at the top of the water heater. Verify that its power is turned off with a multimeter or a voltage stick.

  • Unplug the water heater’s electrical connections:

Disconnect the receiving wiring from the water heater, then pass it through the extraction hole on the left side of the box timer. Remove the wiring nuts and set them aside; you’ll need them in just a few minutes.

  • Install the water heater:

Connect the box timer with the water heater with a piece of cable. Make sure you’re using the exact measurement as before. The cables should be stripped of 12″ of shielding before being connected with the unit. To connect the cabling, use the cable screws from the main connection. Ensure that the cabling to or from the water heater is carried through an adaptable electrical conductor with interconnections.

  • Connect the timer to the wiring:

Link the timer plug towards the ground cord. Each wire end should be shaped to fit snugly beneath the lug. Within your installation handbook, there ought to be a connecting diagram. Wire the cables to the proper spaces. To fasten the cable here to the timer, secure the screws.

  • Restart the system:

Restart the water heater by resetting the circuit or turning on the current.

  • Create a timer:

Set a timer to your preferences depending on your requirements.

 Is it worth the hassle?

Whether or not you should get a water heater timer is mainly determined by your lifestyle and the age of your water heater. This useful electrical gadget plugs into your water heater and lets you schedule when the equipment starts for heating water and services throughout the day or night. 

So, when you’re out of your home all day, can turn off the heater throughout prime times, and your power utility charges a different rate for different periods, it could be a smart buy for you.

When to replace your water heater timer?

It’s not always the greatest decision to replace your water heater. A water heater’s normal duration is somewhere between ten to fifteen years, although this can differ, mainly if you use hard water.


Is there a warranty on the Gas Water Heater Timer?

Certainly, the enclosure and engine of the Gas Water Heater Timer are covered by a multi-year limited warranty against faults in manufactured parts.

What is the installation cost of a timer on a gas water heater?

Not a single penny. It’s referred to as a “Smart Device”! Full instructions are included with the Water Heater Timers.

How does a water heater timer make your tiny house more productive?

The point is, if you already have a little home, you should take advantage of every opportunity to make it as comfortable as possible. This includes incorporating technologies that make your little home feel luxurious. Before you leave, set the timer on your heater according to your convenience to make your home and time more productive.


When it comes to purchasing a new water heater timer, there are numerous factors to consider. Evaluate ratings and installation costs. It’s always preferable to contact a water heater expert who can provide you with the greatest solution for you and your family’s needs. 

You may dramatically reduce your energy use by pairing a water heater timer. This enables you to invest your hard-earned cash in the people who count the most to you, meaning your family.

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