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What Are The Best Tiny House Building Materials

By taufiqhaque

Owning a house may be a big stepping stone for some people, but building one on your own is an even bigger matter. You want to make sure that you choose the best tiny house building materials possible for the interior and the exterior to build the home of your desire.

If you are thinking of building a tiny house, whether it is for eco-friendly purposes or for cost-effectiveness, then building the house with light materials is the best choice. You can add wheels to improve mobility, and lighter materials will make it easier to tow.

The quality of your small house material will depend on whether your goal is to be eco-conscious or economical. Luckily, there are a number of alternatives available for any kind of tiny house building material. We have listed down a few to help you decide what works best for you.

Where to Get Tiny House Building Material

If you are on a budget, then preparing all the materials beforehand can help you save some money. You can look out for repurposed wood from your friends or nearby shops to include in your small house material list. 

You can try taking advantage of garage sales or keep an eye on local demolition sites so you can buy structures to repurpose in building your home. Hiring people to help you build the house may be more costly. However, you can always ask friends or neighbors and even borrow tools to lower the cost.

Best Tiny House Building Materials: Exterior Structure

Many people think wood is the only option to use as the building frame of your house, but steel or metal framing is also a good option. If money is not an issue, steel studs are a smart option to use as your tiny house building material. Not only is steel 25 times stronger than most wood, but it also provides stability and insulation to the house. Steel studs can be a bit expensive, costing around $5-$10 per sq ft, and it is more difficult to install as well.

However, a more cost-effective alternative for building the frame is lumber. It is advised to use new lumber to provide strength and sturdiness to the house, but if you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars, you can use refurbished lumber from an old demolition site. Even though metal framing is stronger and lighter, lumber would only cost around $1-$5 per sq ft.

For the exterior’s siding and trim, you need something that is water-resistant but also durable. Cedar and cypress wood are often used for the siding of tiny houses. Spruce, pine, and fir are the best choices when it comes to framing the house as they are light and cut up into dimensions that can be easily constructed.

If you are thinking of building a lightweight house that you can move around easily, then you can consider adding a trailer to it. Depending on the size of the trailer, you can expect to spend a few hundred to thousand dollars for it. You can also add honeycomb wood panels instead of wood as it has a hollow interior, which will decrease the weight of your tiny house drastically.

Best Tiny House Building Materials: Roof

What material to use for the roofing of your tiny house depends on what type of house you aim to build. If you want an eco-friendly approach, then installing solar panels on your roof is a great idea. Even though this will help you save the utility bills, solar panels are very expensive and heavy. Therefore it is not a good choice if you want a tiny, lightweight house on wheels.

For small mobile houses, you have to use a material that can withstand strong winds and rain. Steel roofing panels are a good option, as it is light but also durable and can protect you from many natural disasters. Asphalt roofing panels are another affordable option. However, they will not provide the same amount of protection that you need for your tiny house building material compared to the steel panels.

If you decide to use steel roofing panels, then it is important to use an underlayer to protect your house from heavy storms or snow. You can either use tar paper, which is easily available in local stores, or opt for better protection by applying a rain and ice shield. They are similar to the tar paper  – except you can attach them with adhesives, and some variants can withstand very high temperatures.

Best Tiny House Building Materials: Interior Structure

Most people want a wooden interior in their tiny house, as it gives the house a more rustic and natural feel. If you want lightweight wood, then honeycomb panels are the way to go. However, the drawback is that they are quite expensive and difficult to find. Drywall is also another conventional method to build the interior, but it is not practical, as drywall is heavy and may crack if you try to move the house a lot.

The best affordable option may be plywood sheets. Plywood is lightweight, easily available, and costs around $15-$50 per 4×8 sheet. You can use plywood sheets to make the interior wall, floors as well as shelves for your small house. Spice it up a little bit by coloring the plywood to get a fun and pretty house.


Flooring is completely a personal choice, but for a tiny, mobile house, there are a few things to consider. Hardwood, tiles, and marbles may look beautiful and elegant on the floor, but they add a lot of weight to the small house on wheels. If you want a more lightweight option, then laminate flooring may work. However, they are not water-resistant. 

Cork flooring offers different designs and looks pretty, but they are also heavier and more costly than the rest. We think that vinyl flooring is the ideal choice when it comes to building a tiny house. It is only $1-$2 per sq ft, lightweight, durable as well as water-resistant. It is easy to install and clean, and the best part is that it can look just like a hardwood floor.


Trying to find the best tiny house building material is difficult, but if you look at the right places, then inspiration will strike. Constructing a tiny house might not be easy, so it is smart to plan and buy all the materials beforehand. Don’t hesitate to put your creativity into your work. With the right building material, you can build the perfect house without a hitch.

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