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Will There Be Any Tiny Home Communities In New York

By taufiqhaque

Housing has always been a big issue in New York. The average housing price in New York can climb up to five times that of the national average housing price. The city is not too kind to people about it. Read to know more about the tiny home communities in New York.

Tiny homes seem to be the perfect solution for the rising house prices in New York. Unfortunately, the state of New York does not allow tiny homes. Tiny homes are considered temporal structures in the New York state laws. These temporal structures are not allowed in New York.

Despite New York’s effort of banning tiny homes, it is still on the list of popular states for tiny living. So what is happening here? A state that banned tiny homes, but is on the list of popular places for tiny homes? It sounds a bit contradictory. So let’s talk about the tiny home community situated in New York.

Tiny Home Communities in New York

Tiny Home Communities In New York
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Tiny homes are illegal in New York. So tiny home communities are also illegal in New York. The state does not allow any temporal structures like tiny homes.

Okay, so what about a tiny home on wheels? Tiny homes on wheels cannot be considered a temporal structure. Yes, only if you have registered that tiny home on wheels as an RV.

Now in the case of RV living, you will not be at peace either. You can park your tiny home on wheels in permitted zones, but you will not be allowed to use that tiny home as a permanent dwelling unit.

In short, you may make your tiny home on wheel legal in New York by registering it as an RV. But you cannot live in that mobile tiny home permanently.

So that is the current tiny home community situation in New York state.

Is it possible to live in a tiny home community in New York?

Tiny homes and tiny home communities are illegal in New York state. However, you may be able to live in a tiny home community that is under the radar of New York authorities.

In this case, non-major cities are the most likely choices. A tiny home community that is far from all cities in New York will have a very low profile and skip through the radar of the New York authority. You can live permanently in these tiny home communities.

Do we recommend such attempts? We don’t. But if you have no choice, then you may try it.

If you live in a mobile tiny home in these tiny home communities, make sure that it is registered as an RV. This will save you from all troubles.

Will New York STate allow Tiny Home Communities?

The New York State Appendix Q allows tiny homes to be used as additional dwelling units. But as a standalone home, tiny houses are not permitted.

We don’t think standalone tin homes and tiny home communities will be legalized in New York. Not anytime soon. 


So that is the tiny home community situation in New York state. Will any tiny home communities open in New York? Only time will tell.

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