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Based in Nampa, Idaho

Established in 2021, Imagine Tiny Homes was created with the idea of creating the perfect tiny living space, in which you can live big. With today’s current market, it can be difficult to find something you love for an affordable price. So, why not create something you love, fully customize it to your needs, make it as aesthetically pleasing to you as you’d like, and live more cost efficiently?! With a tiny home, your bills get cut down by more than 75%. Your electricity bills, trash bills, sewer bills, are ALL instantly chopped down. Tiny homes also have lower upkeep costs and they’re a lot less of to clean! So why buy a tiny home? Why not an RV? Well, a typical RV will only last you a maximum of 20 years, or close to 200,000 miles, and that’s only if you treat that RV like royalty and have maintenance done regularly, whereas a tiny home, because it’s insulated and framed more like a house, can last you a life time! So what’re you waiting for? Let’s get you started with the tiny home of your dreams!

Visit the Showroom By Appointment Only

Interested in viewing a tiny home in person? Our builders accepts appointments only to visit their warehouses and showrooms. Contact us to book your appoitment!

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