How do I park my tiny home?

Don’t be discouraged to go tiny just because you’re not sure how. Below, we outline the basic and not-so-basic rules surrounding how to park a tiny home.

Three main options:

  • 1. You already own land or have backyard space you can park your tiny on
  • 2. You rent space to park your tiny on
  • 3. You buy land to park your tiny on

1. If you already own land or have backyard space you can park your tiny on:

  • You will need a pad 2 feet wider and 2 feet longer than your Tiny including the tongue. The Pad can be 4″ of gravel if on a well-drained site or a poured concrete pad.
  • You will need a 50 Amp plug within 20 feet of the back of your Tiny (unless you are off grid)
  • You will need a freshwater line. This can be as simple as a heavy duty hose or you can bury a water line to stub out within a few feet of your Tiny.
  • You will need to be within 20 feet of your clean out for sewer or septic tank. If not possible a macerating pump can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars to pump the waste.

This utility hookup video might help.

2. If you need to find space for rent:

The below sites list RV parks, private parties, and tiny house communities renting out space. We also have places for rent posted.


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