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What are Tiny Homes on Wheels?

Tiny Homes on Wheels or THOW is the platform by UBuild to provide interested buyers with the opportunity to personalize and purchase modular homes on the internet. It is the central hub for all your concerns regarding modular homes. From customization to securing locations for your tiny home, THOW will overlook every factor so that you can sit back and enjoy your personal mobile home without any concern.

Why Choose Tiny Homes on Wheels?

Tiny homes are currently considered one of the most valuable investments that people can make. From the younger generation to the veterans, investing in tiny homes always seems to pay off.
And Why Not? A plethora of benefits just seems to merge with tiny homes on wheels.

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Luxury and Portability

You get portability with luxury and functionality at an affordable price. Here at UBuild, our first priority is to provide you with the home that you deserve so that you can enjoy every second of staying there.


Your Design Your Home!

On Tiny Homes on Wheels, you get the complete freedom of designing your home. This opens a door of possibilities that only you know how to navigate through. But, if you are having trouble, then we have custom models set up for you. And our expert team of designers is always ready to help you out in any situation.


Plan It, and It Will Come!

Whether it is the interior space or the master bedroom design, we can deliver it for you if you can plan it. And what’s more, we are one of the leading tiny home developers dedicated to ensuring and promoting a healthy and low carbon footprint workflow. Preserving this beautiful world is something that we prioritize no matter what.


No Compromising with Quality

You will get everything at the lowest price possible, but there won’t be any compromise regarding the quality as you deserve the best.


NOAH Certified

Our trailers are NOAH certified which ensures their safety and quality. We have made sure that our manufacturing has earned the certification from scratch so that we don’t hear any complaints from our clients.


Simple Payment Plans

In THOW, you don’t have to worry about complex payment schemes. You can directly dive into paying for your dream home. And if you are an eligible buyer, then our down payments can go down to even zero for you. Please have a look at our finances section for more details.

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THOW is a platform to customize & buy modular home on the internet. We are the source of all things modular homes.

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